The Maxwell Moment: Actor/Stylist, Thanos Samaras

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Thanos Samaras, Actor, Artist and Stylist, makes Brini a Redhead!


Thanos is an accomplished Actor featured in many films from Greece. He trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Before drama school, he studied Art & Design at London Guildhall University and was working towards a bachelor's degree in Architecture, only to drop out upon getting accepted at RADA. He later attended the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York, while doing an internship at Richard Foreman's famed avant-guard Ontological Theater, in Saint Mark's Square.

For the last few years, he has been constantly working on stage and in films in Greece, while preferring not to work on television. Some of his critically acclaimed theater work includes: Anton in Marius von Mayenburg's "Eldorado", Trebliev in Chekhov's "The Seagull", Carl in Sarah Kane's "Cleansed", Oswald in Ibsen's's "Ghosts", Darren in Gary Owen's "The Drowned World" a.o.

In his spare time he designs, restores and photographs toys, under the alias "Yatabazah". His work has been featured in many Japanese and American magazines and books. In 2008, he had his first exhibition of doll photographs in Tokyo.

Has been repeatedly voted by the Greek press to be among the 10 most stylish Greek men.

Thanos Samaras on film ...
Dead Europe (2012) .... Andreas
Tied Red Thread (2011)
... aka "Demeni kokkini klosti" - Greece
Homeland (2010) .... Stergios
... aka "Hora proelefsis" - Greece
Bank Bang (2008) .... Doukas
Valse sentimentale (2007) .... Stamatis
Paresthesis (2007)
Skepsi tis imeras (2006)
Alemaya (2004)
Delivery (2004/II)
Pure Youth (2004)
... aka "Agna niata" - Greece
All the Weight of the World (2003)
... aka "Olo to varos tou kosmou" - Greece
... aka "Atlas" - International
Rain (2002) .... Yiannis
... aka "Vrohi" - Greece
Mia mera ti nyhta (2001) .... Alexandros


"When I was 25 I found a little doll in a flea market in Manhattan. It shook me seeing her all dirty and abandoned on the concrete pavement. I bought her and started photographing her in my travels and quotidian life. A few years later, I'm still using dolls in my work. I only use human hair or mohair in my wigmaking. I detest artificial fibers. I am in love with how the human hair strand reacts to my touch, be it gentle or abusive. I use 60s' old school techniques and tools for styling my wigs, old rollers, old combs and old styling methods. Wigs are such intense tools of transformation, they can transform anyone into anything. Their magic powers excite me to no end. And being made in human hair, they carry secret DNA messages from the people whose hair I use. I have created a line of fine wigs for dolls in limited editions, called Yatabazah Luxury Wigs which caters to a few choice dolls, like Mdvanii and Blythe. I often need to clear the air and my mind and I sell dolls only to replace them with new muses. It's like being in love, it doesn't last long."

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