#12 Pool Ponderings

Hello people. It's almost officially summer! This weekend marks the beginning of the summer season for so many people I thought it would be a good idea to talk about opening up your pool on the show this week. 

In addition to the tips discussed in the show be sure and check your pool floats for leaks (they can be fixed with a bicycle repair kit) make sure your liner is intact, and your lounge cushions are free from mildew (a good spray with some bleach will kill any you find).  

Take a look at Episode 111 of my Style network show for some more great summer tips

#11 Grill Maintenance - Cooking Without Calamity

Hello people! It's that time again... time to break out those grills and make some magic to masticate on. Before you do, though, you'll want to watch the show this week. It's all about grill maintenance.  

Basically it's all about keeping the grill clean - or it can blow up. So get out the oven mitts and the "Kiss the Cook" apron! Let's make it a safe summer...

#10 What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

Hello people, and welcome to another blog post! This week it's all about candles.

With summer fast approaching our parties can spill out onto the lanai. I like to dress up outdoor spaces even if it's just the fire escape - with candles. They look lovely if you're among them or even just through the window.

Candle wax sprayed across your tables and counter tops isn't a pretty prospect. I like to extinguish my candles with a few strategically placed drops of water from an eye dropper. Just fill the little well of wax at the base of the wick with water and the candle will go out by itself, no fuss no muss!

#09 The Gentler Arts

Hello people, this week on the show it's about making a few of the gentler arts a little easier and less stressful.  

If you enjoy letter writing you've probably been frustrated by a mistake inscribed in pen once or twice. Eradicate those mistakes with a touch of bleach applied with a cotton swab. It will eliminate most pen strokes and leave you with a perfect note. 

Keeping our nails lovely can be a task. If you get a nick on one and don't have an emery board handy you can clean it up with the striking patch of a box of matches.