02-06 Caring for the Infirm

Well, it’s time once again to settle in to a post holiday schedule. Many people release the stress of the holidays by getting a cold. My show this week is all about caring for someone in that situation. Here are some tips for making the circumstances easier.

Reading material like magazines and books can be kept in a new wastepaper basket. The corralled publications can be easily pulled up on the bed to be retrieved or put away.

Instead of a tray, use muffin tins for serving meals in bed. The cups are perfect for holding the various courses of the meal and things won’t slide around or spill.

If the flavor the medicine is less than appealing an ice cube on the tongue will numb the taste buds and make medicating less unpleasant.

Standard sized newspapers can be a bit much to handle when stuck in bed. Split them down the middle to make them easier to deal with.

One of the least pleasant aspects to being incapacitated is the difficulty of bathing, and forget about washing your hair. This can be accomplished more easily by putting your subject in a plastic rain poncho. Place it on them backwards so the hood can be used as a pocket for the shampoo and conditioner. Then attach a sprayer to your kitchen or bathroom spigot and you’re all set.

As you saw in the show I let my self get a little carried away with these tips to the expense of Mary Ellen’s sanity. I would advise you to keep your head about you, even though the circumstances of taking care of a cranky sick person can be a bit trying at times…