#17 Butter Fingers

Hello people, time for another episode! This week it's all about keeping your rubber gloves from getting holey, (just put cotton balls in the finger tips), and making sure your butter doesn't burn (add a drop of olive oil to the pan). Be sure and watch!

Next week we'll resume featuring longer episodes, though I'm still on hiatus so you won't see new intro and wrap up segments, I'm afraid. You'll have to wait until fall for that. 

Until next time!

#16 Itching for Summer

Hello people, this week on the show I'm talking about medicine chests.

I sunk mine into a spot to one side of the sink because of a pesky drainage pipe and instead of facing it with a mirror I covered it with a painting. Clever, no? Why not try it yourself. Even if you have the standard medicine cabinet over your sink a second one can be a big boon for storage!

Now that summer is here we're much more prone to little skin irritations. I've found that a small dose of vitamin A helps clear up the itches of summer. Be sure not to take too take more than directed, however, too much over too long a period can cause problems with your liver. Consult your physician before beginning any vitamin regimen.

#15 Pecorino Pointers and Havarti Hints

Hello people, Brini here with some cheesy ideas for you. This week the show's all about smoothing your interactions with the wine of foods - cheese! Be sure and watch! 

Warm knives will go through cheese much more easily than cold ones will. 

Keep your cheese grater fresh and clean by spraying it with cooking spray before grating your cheese on it, and when it comes time to wash it use a tooth brush to clean out all those little holes!

#14 Thighs and Zippers

Hello people, Brini here with another show. This week I have tips for keeping those thighs trim and unsticking those stuck zippers. 

If you've got some downtime in a doctor's waiting room, use the time to your thigh's benefit - slip your purse over your ankle and lift, lift, lift to firmness. With all that we carry these days you may have trouble doing more than 6 to 8 reps to begin with, but keep it up ladies, your physique will thank you! 

Stuck zippers can be such a bore. They can be easily remedied, however with a few passes of pencil lead. The graphite lubricates them beautifully. Voila!

#13 Still More Kitchen Capers

Hello people! Brini here with some more ideas for a commodious kitchen. This week I have tips for avoiding torn slices of bread (butter the end of the loaf before slicing) and keeping your watch dry while doing the dishes (hang it on a cup hook placed conveniently by the sink).