02-10 Spring in February - Cure the Winter Doldrums

This week on the show, banish old man winter with the cheerful trappings of spring! 
Force bulbs for fresh spring blooms. This is easily done by finding bulbs for forcing at your local garden store or nursery. Plant them in pots as directed on the package, then give them a 6 to 8 week winter in a fridge. Bring them out into your warm living room and watch them burst forth with beautiful blooms! 

Welcome the birds with a charming birdfeeder. Here are plans for one we made on my Style network show. You can make a handy funnel for your bird seed out of a gallon milk jug. Just cut the bottom off and use the pouring spout as the bottom of the funnel. 

Home accessories are the perfect way to brighten your home during the depths of winter. You'll notice I've propped perky pillows up on my chaise in the introduction and wrap up of this week's show. These are the spring pillows from my forth coming line of products for Felix Populi. Look for them in stores and online soon!