#03-10 For the Love of Storage - Cabinet Contemplation and Construction

Hello people, and welcome to another episode! This week we continue our renovation series with the cabinets. Greg, John and I built the unit in an afternoon and I can’t recommend it enough. The clutter in your home will disappear if you utilize the space you live in to its fullest.

Now construction isn’t as complicated as it’s usually made out to be. It’s really just common sense. Here are a few tips:

Planning your project is all about knowing your space. For our cabinets we squared off a wall that had a slant to it, which said something about the architecture of the room. Look at your space with an eye to geometry and you’ll be able to make your built in esthetically pleasing as well as functionally viable.

Measure twice, cut once – it’s an old saw, but it still rings true. When starting to work on your project you can save yourself some grief by confirming your measurements, especially if you’re planning on having your lumber yard cut your wood to size for you – which is a great idea for apartment dwellers without access to table saws and the like.

Take advantage of existing furniture. You saw this on our desk episode – we built in an existing dresser. The professional finishing on furniture is something most built-ins will never be able to match. Using existing pieces of furniture is a great way to get that professional look without having to hire an expensive cabinet maker. Find the pieces in thrift shops and vintage stores for a small investment and your built-in will look like a million dollars!