Ask Brini: Lamentable Laminate? Try the Self Adhesive Face Lift!

This week, David in San Antonio writes: "Brini, I recently moved into a new space. The office area has built-ins (which are great) and a desk area. The desk is a very unattractive 'white' formica. Besides replacing the whole piece of formica, is there anything I can do to jazz it up? Something to make it more Brini? David in San Antonio"

Sprucing up our new home with temporary fixes until we can afford to go whole hog is as American as apple pie. Many an old laminate surface has mucked up an otherwise charming room. Until you can get to replacing the top completely, why not try contact paper? This self adhesive wonder is available in many different styles and colors. If you can't find any you like, search eBay and Etsy for vintage varieties.

Careful application is important to achieve a clean look and avoid bubbles. This may not be the desktop you want to live with forever, but it will certainly do until you can replace the surface!