#03-22 Bright and Clean, Always Under Foot - The Care and Cleaning of Carpets

Hi people, Brini here, and this week on the show we’re taking care of your carpet! It’s important to keep your wall to wall looking fresh. It’s a big investment, and a shabby floor makes for a shabby home.

A clipper comb is perfect for shaving the pills off your low pile Berber carpet. You can also find a little electric razor designed for the purpose that’s better for high or loose looped pile carpets. Simply run the clipper along the surface of the carpet with the blade tilted just above the surface and the pills come right off!

Carpet dents can be removed with a spritz of water. The dents will relax with the water and a little fidgeting.

I was pleased to find that the spots on my carpet almost all came up with Kaboom, that product from late night television. Although Orange Glo no longer makes the stain remover (they’ve migrated the Kaboom brand over to bathroom cleaners) I’m pleased to recommend Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover. Though I haven’t used it myself, I’ve had positive reports from other’s about the effectiveness of it. Of course, be sure and test any spot remover on a hidden area of your carpet before using it on an exposed area.

For more useful tips on home maintenance have a look at the tips section of the part of my website devoted to my Style Network show.