#03-23 The Pixels of Yesteryear - Needlepoint

Hi people, Brini here with another episode for your viewing pleasure. This week we’re delving into needlepoint! It’s a charming craft and so easy to do. The project that I’m working on in the show is Clyde the Camel and he’s ever so much fun.

One of the stitches we detail this time around is the tent stitch, which when done diagonally creates a basket weave on the back of the canvas. The reason we do the stitch in this pattern is to reduce distortion of the canvas because each diagonal line pulls the canvas in the opposite direction of the last, keeping the canvas much more square than if you work the stitch across or down.

The other stitch I demonstrated is the satin stitch. It can be done vertically, horizontally or diagonally and covers more than one intersection of the canvas. The parallel stitches create a smooth surface that’s pleasant to the touch.

If you’re interested in needlepoint you can find materials and supplies at and information about the craft at For a more ironic view of the craft be sure and have a look at The Needlepoint Museum.