Ask Brini: Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down - Dealing with Negative Friends

This week, Carol writes in about friends who react negatively to her dreams. Sharing your plans and schemes with friends can feel empowering, but unless you're discriminating about who you're sharing with you can be hit with a wall of negativity and resistance. Sometimes it's a good idea to hold your dreams close, keeping them to yourself can conserve their power and help them manifest. When you share, be sure the ones you share with will support you. 

The Maxwell Moment: Tips for Sliced Bread and Wet Watches

This week we delve into the archives for another pair of tips for your kitchen. Spreading butter on sliced bread can lead to torn slices and tears of frustration. Prevent that tsouris by buttering the slice before you cut it!

Your watch is a delicate piece of machinery, even if it is just a cheapo dollar store purchase. Keep it running well by taking it off while doing the dishes and hanging it on a cup hook you install in a handy spot by the sink!