Do, Do, Do... What to Do - Musings on Hairstyles

Hi people. I've been thinking of changing my hairstyle. My friend Thanos will love this post. Among other things, he does this sort of thing on Blythe dolls. I'm particularly fond of asymmetrical styles and have found a few examples to show my hair dresser.

These are rather pretty, simple styles that might be fun for every day.

Speaking of Asymmetrical, how does she keep this up?

This is a fun style. I love sausage curls and if styled into a fall you can just pin them on and off you go!

Speaking of falls, I'm thinking of getting one. What do you think? Long or short?

Maybe I should go with a medium length one?

I'll let you know what I decide. It's fun to change up your look sometimes. How often do you change your hairstyle? Is it traumatic? Thanos, when are you coming to New York to give me the Blythe treatment?