Incidental Treasures - Fun Found Ephemera

While I was moving I came across some fun examples of vintage graphic design. I thought I'd share them with you!

For all my time in my last apartment I was sleeping on a very old mattress. I do believe it was older than me, as evidenced by the graphics on this label that was stitched to it.
I love the glamour of Lady Grey's outfit, the detail of the slashed sleeves and bows and the high ruff. The warm color palate of yellow and brown look great printed on the satin ground. The round graphic is totally devoid of Jordan Marsh's corporate logo - a no-no in today's world, but a charming touch that harkens back to years gone by. It's nice to have this piece of my past - much nicer than having that old mattress...

The second piece I ran across is this delightful cardboard flag that was made by the Longacre Dairy as a means for their customers to communicate with their milk men.
Hang it on the door and pull up the flags that indicate what you'd like your milk man to leave for you - one quart, two quarts, butter milk, eggs, even orange juice and cottage cheese! It's in remarkable condition considering its age. The colors are bright and clear, the cardboard isn't dog-eared and all the flags are intact. I had the good fortune... and eyesight to spot it on the street here in New York some years ago. I picked it up and have had it ever since. Such a fun piece of the past.

It just goes to show, you never know what you'll unearth when you move, or what you'll find on the street! Keep that antenna up!