Fond of Fondue - Pots on Parade

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an episode about chafing dishes. In it I said that though a chafing dish can be used for fondue, it's best to have a dedicated fondue pot. So I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my fondue pot collection. I hope it serves as inspiration to get you own if you don't have one, or to make some fondue if you do!
I love fondue - particularly the cheese variety, and I love the fondue pots you serve it in. I have quite a few of them. I chose six to share with you today. Above you'll see my most recent addition - a beautiful silver pot with a bulbous wood handle. Featured with these pots are some of the napkins in my line. These napkins are our Jane Linen line in Spring.
Next up is my electric fondue pot by Oster. Simple one touch temperature control! It's accompanied by my tablecloth check napkins.
Next is a striking architectural fondue pot in orange with a black and white base. The sterno cup swings out on a hinge! I love how the inside of the base is enameled in white. It's such a nice touch - shows a lot of thought went into the design. This pot is featured with our Gillian floral napkins.
Another stark modern design is this white fondue pot. The base is made of a sheet of metal that's folded to support the sterno pot and a grate. The grate supports the pot. Very nicely designed! This one came with its own matching fondue forks. Featured here are our Jane linen napkins in pumpkin.
For diminutive desserts, this pot can't be beat! It's tiny compared to the others and just perfect for chocolate fondue for two! Instead of sterno, this pot has a candle. I even have tiny little forks to use with it! It's twinned with our Jane linen napkins in Peacock - very Howard Johnson's - so chic!
Last, but not least is my favorite. This elegant pot is from Dansk - you my recognize the handle on the lid. I especially love the elephant-like legs with wooden feet and the rough, artfully rusty iron structure. Featured with the pot are our Jane linen napkins in Buttercup. In addition to the different pots, you'll also see my collection of vintage fondue forks - you can't eat fondue without the proper forks!

Shopping for these little niceties is easy and fun. Vintage and thrift shops, flea markets and eBay are rife with fondue accoutrements. You can find them new now, too - the fondue craze is back!

Of course the pots and forks are just the beginning. Here are a few recipes for fondue and below, you'll find the episode of my show in which we made fondue with Margaret Cho!