02-13 Avocado Soup - Fabulous Fundamental Fat

Fat is good for you! Well, some fat anyway. The fat in avocados is one of those "good for you" fats and I have a delicious way to serve it on today's show! Avocado soup - here's how: 
You'll need: 
2 avocados
4 potatoes
1 cup vegetable stock
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Curry powder to taste 

Start by cubing and cooking your potato until it's soft. While it's cooking you can cube your avocado. When the potato is cooked and ready, put about a quarter of it into your blender along with a quarter of your avocado. Blend them up with a bit of your vegetable stock. Continue in this fashion until all the potato and avocado has been blended. Season with the salt, pepper and curry powder. You can heat this soup up or it can be served cold.