#03-04 Afternoons Alfresco - Frolicsome Fun

Hello people, and welcome back to my blog. This week on the show we’re putting that picnic together. Yes, it’s finally time to collect our food and go out into the wilderness – or at least one of New York’s beautiful parks and enjoy alfresco dining.

Successful picnics are all about planning. Here’s what you need to help make your picnic go smoothly:

A hamper to carry your food and supplies

A ground cover

Plates (I like melmac)

Cups (collapsible ones are great for small hampers)

Flatware and napkins (for these I use disposable. Less to wash and carry home)

Handiwipes (for cleaning fingers after eating messy finger foods)

A cold pack (for keeping food cool from kitchen to picnic grounds)

Ant stakes (to anchor your ground cover and repel those hungry little critters)

And of course your food!

When packing your hamper, be sure not to pack the ant stakes with the food – we don’t want to contaminate our meal! Put them in a plastic bag and attach them to the handle with a twist tie. Then they won’t be forgotten but will be kept a safe distance from lunch.

If you’re packing a picnic for a crowd you’ll probably need at least two hampers – one for the food and one for the supplies. This is a wonderful opportunity to flirt! Get one of the big strong men from the party to help you carry everything.

Picnics are wonderful for children. They don’t have to mind their manners so much and spills aren’t such a tragedy. Make it a nature appreciation picnic and explore what the out-of-doors has to offer with your kids. Who knows, you may learn something too! 

Another fun recipe for picnics is my potato salad. You can find it in my book, Brini Maxwell’s Guide to Gracious Living. It’s available right here on my site!

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