#03-08 Putting It Together - Building a Better Built-in

Hello people, and welcome to another episode of the vidcast. This week we begin construction. Last week we demolished the dining room, this week we’re delving into the desk. It’s a big job but we’re up to it!

Construction can be daunting, but it can be made easier with a few tips:

Soap your screws – Screws will slide in more easily if you soap the threads.

Pre drill your holes – I can’t stress this point enough. Wood has a tendency to split when you drive screws directly into it without pre-drilling.

Consider using MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard is a composite building material that is comparatively inexpensive, sturdy, strong, doesn’t warp and has a beautiful surface for paint. It’s what we used to build the desk and it looks great!

If you don’t have the luxury of a shop you can have your lumber precut by your lumber yard. It makes for simple assembly on site providing that you are accurate in your measurements. Remember, measure twice, cut once.

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