My Garden of Brooches - Fabulous Flower Pins

Hello people! Sorry for not publishing this yesterday. It's been a busy few days...

I just love flower pins. I have many of them. They're so bright and cheery and perfect for spring! Here area few of my favorites.

This is one of the ones I wear most often. I love the simple restraint in rendering the daisy and it's got such clean, clear enamel, even after so many years! It dates back to about 1967 and has matching earrings!

This lovely blue flower with subtle shading is from a bit earlier - perhaps 1964. 
This one is my favorite color of pink - Shocking! The detail in these pins is one of the nicest aspects of them. Look at the hand applied dry brushing of black on the tips of the petals.
On a more somber note - a flower broch for film noir - this pin is plated in a gun metal finish and features a single stone as its center.
Another bright and cheerful daisy pin - this one is a cluster made up of plastic daisies and beads. It's like a little tuffet! It also has matching earrings, but, remarkably they were bought at completely different times and from different vendors.
This charming yellow bloom has cupped petals and a salmon pink center.
This is the prize of my collection. The "petals" are made of fibers and the pin features an enameled leaf, stem and center. Notice the center is dry brushed as well. I saw this pin in a different color way in a museum exhibit once. It's was fun to see it and know I had one at home.

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