Why We Wuv Woodie - The Allure of the Station Wagon

I've been working on a project lately, and it's lead me to become fascinated with station wagons. Specifically, the Mercury Colony Park station wagon
and the Ford Country Squire station wagon from the 70's.
These were the top of the line back in their day - the Hummer of the 70's. They were both status symbol and practical transportation. It's interesting that, though most people consider station wagons to be "square", there is a large and growing faction that really revere them.
I count myself among that faction. What great looking cars these were!
The station wagon was big business in the 70's, so much so that concept models were developed to wow the car buying public. This one is a good example of the trend. Note the luxurious wrap-around seating in the back, the swivel seat on the passenger side and the glamorous suicide doors. It's more like a living room than an automobile.
While researching this new obsession, I came across a site that extrapolates the idea of automobile envy to it's logical ends. It's the Internet Movie Cars Database - a listing of the cars used in film and television productions, with photographs, like this one above of a Mercury Colony Park wagon featured in the television series Wonder Woman.
Or this one, of the Ford LTD Country Squire used in the original Stepford Wives film. If you're interested in cars and film, then this site will be fun to dive into.

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