A Touch of Gold - Regency Accents for the Bathroom

Hello people! I've been spending these sweltering summer days thinking about the renovations of my apartment and making plans. This week has found me thinking mostly about the bathroom. It's a bit problematic, but I have plans...
A few months ago I found some ornate vintage switch and outlet plates on eBay and they've given me some ideas for how I'd like the bathroom to look.
The charm of Hollywood regency as a style is undeniable. These switch plates have that quality to them. I see the outlet plates used on either side of the medicine cabinet, maybe on a mirrored wall. The switch plate will be perfect for the light switch and the power switch for the jacuzzi tub, should I decide to keep it. While leafing through a vintage home remodeling magazine from 1977 I found an ad for similar fixtures designed specifically for a bathroom.
I like how these fixtures combine white and gold together. I may paint the inner field of the switch plates with white enamel after seeing these.

This sort of ornamental hardware is difficult to find these days. Most of what's out there is has a kind of austerity to it, and the pieces that don't are devoid of any whimsy or irony. Your best bet is to find vintage versions of it if you're aching for a touch of glamour. There are lots of sources for it - eBay, thrift shops, Habitat for Humanity and salvage yards all come to mind. It's these little details that bring a room to life. Time spent hunting them down is definitely rewarded by the finished look of the room. Life is in the details!

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