Grand Designs in a Tiny Town - Architecture in Owego NY

Hi people! I spent the weekend visiting my friend Bradford in the tiny little New York town of Owego. It's between Binghamton and Ithaca right off route 17.
Bradford splits his time between New York City and Owego, where he bought this charming little building a few years ago.
Now the town may be tiny, but they sure knew how to be grand back around the turn of the last century! There are some amazing houses on the two main streets just outside the business district. I spent some time with Bradford and his friend Jean driving around and photographing them.
This is one of my favorites. It's pristine white and the columns and formal plantings give it such an imposing air. Perfect for entertaining! Most of these houses aren't made of wood, they're brick! It really brings to mind old Hollywood.
This is another one that I found to be charming. If you look down the driveway you'll see a two story carriage house. Wouldn't that be a lovely place for an art studio?
This one looks like it's right out of the English country side - one of those foreboding structures that could be a school or the setting of a murder mystery. The stone work around the windows is very interesting.
This is a bit of a departure from the norm for Owego. It's an Arts and Crafts bungalow, which was a much more casual style and very modern for the period. Despite it's casual air, it's quite a grand residence.
If you're in the market, this one is for sale. It's completely redone and quite beautiful inside, I've been told. The asking price? Remarkably, only $300,000!
Bradford is a talented photographer. He was the one who shot the Vertigo series and the Some Like It Hot series for Out Traveler - both featuring yours truly. He helped me take some of the pictures of the houses, and I managed to snag this shot of him. That concrete post to his left is an old hitching post from the days of horses. So much of Owego is preserved so nicely. It's worth a visit if you get up to the area.

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