Wrap Session - Gift Wrapping Tips and Ideas

Gift wrapping can be fun! Personally I like to use unexpected materials for my presents. One of them that always makes a statement is wallpaper. In the video below I show you how it can make your gifts stand out. Another favorite idea is to use fashion accessories as gift trims. It makes the gift so chic! I'll also give you a tip for what to do if you have too little paper to wrap that gift!

This video is from my original cable show here in New York. It originally aired in the late 1990's. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

Oh! And see Mary Ellen open that gift here:


  1. That diagonal twist trick blew my mind! Merry Christmas, ma chérie!

  2. nice wrap but I want to see more! how is the NEW place??? what's it look like? What do the holiday decoration look like this year? SHOW SHOW SHOW! Can't be the only ones that want to see--- and have a merry holiday! The Comrey's!

  3. I, too, am thrilled to try your diagonal approach when having a shortage... paper, that is. My new 2012 mantra: WWBD. Hugs!