#03-01 The Caipirinha - The Brazillian Bomb

Hello people, and welcome to the first episode of our third season! This week I'm featuring segments from the Fire Island episode of the show. It was taped during the summer of 1998 in the idyllic community of the Pines on that little strip of barrier beach on the southern shore of Long Island called Fire Island. I had a delightful guest on that show. His name is Jonathan Stout and he was an international flight attendant who flew the Brazil route. He had some wonderful ideas for a Brazilian themed party. One of them was the caipirinha. It's a delicious cocktail made with Cachaca. Here's the recipe: 

You'll need: 

5 to 6 pieces of cubed lime
2 to 3 teaspoons of instant dissolving sugar

Place the lime in a rocks glass and add the sugar. Crush the lime and sugar with a pestle until you have a pulpy, syrupy mix, then fill with the Cachaca. 
This drink is just delicious at summer parties. When we debuted it back in 1998 it was still rather low on the radar, but now you can find it in most bars.

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