Wednesday Eradicating Carpet Dents

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Jane Napkins by Brini:

Welcome to Ask Brini!

Our question today comes from "Gay Carrington", New York City

"Dear Brini, I've recently rearranged the furniture in my parlour and I'm now left with unsightly dents in the carpet. What is the best way to remove them? XX,Gay"

Dearest Gay:

The scourge of carpet dents can be easily eradicated with this simple tip. Give the dent a spritz of water with a spray bottle, then coax the fibers back into an upright position with your fingers. When the carpet dries, the dents will have disappeared. And a dentless carpet is a beautiful thing.

-- Love, Brini

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Described as part Donna Reed, part Mary Tyler Moore, Maxwell makes kitsch feel classy through her unparalleled personal flair for home design, entertaining and savvy household tips. Inspired by a divine thrift shop purchase of 1950's nesting bowls, she first began sharing her vintage/classic know-how with other Manhattanites in 1998 through her self-titled cable access television show. With an emphasis on uncompromising fabulousness, Brini quickly garnered a devoted fan base and established herself as the go-to-girl on vintage fashion and mid-century modern treasures. After five years on the local airwaves her show was picked up by the Style Network. The subsequent series has been called a delightful success and has attracted a diverse audience thorough its national platform.

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