Making Moving Glamorous - The Art of Photography

I have moving on my mind, what with my new apartment on the horizon. I've been going through all my things, deciding what to take and what to sell. The process has been fun and daunting. I've been in my place for 15 years! While going through my books I found some gems. The Time Life Library of Photography. I decided to keep two of the volumes: Color and The Studio. In the latter title is a photo essay on putting together a studio style photo shoot on location and the subject is Moving Party (!). It's interesting to see how they put it together, so I thought I'd share it with you today.
Here's the space before setting up. It's a parlor floor apartment in a brownstone in Park Slope Brooklyn. The photographer, Rudy Muller, rented it for a day.
Here they are setting up. The model playing the hostess tries on her hostess gown. and the studio lights are placed for the single shot they need to get.
With her gown hung up, the model touches up her makeup.
Here's the final shot. Notice how the wine is placed front and center. The final photo was used in a series depicting different types of parties for a wine company. Somehow I don't think even I could pull off a real moving party as glamorous as the one depicted, but I could certainly pull off a photo shoot of one like this - especially for a barrel of Piper Heidsieck!

Some of my copies of the Time Life Library of Photography books are up for sale on Etsy right now. Have a look!

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